Tabaccheria, italy’s 7-11

Just as we have our convenience stores here, which are an important fixture, Italy has what is known as a tabaccheria (tobacco shop).

But they do a lot more than just sell tobacco, and Natalie at An american in Rome, gives the rundown of exactly what services these shops cover. She is comfortably familiar with everyday life in Italy, as she’s been living there for about 7 years now. Boy do I wish I was her right now, that is an ideal living arrangement for me.

These shops can be identified by a small sign with a big T on it, usually all signs will also have a list of services that they provide, which is very convenient.  As Inta at  Curious cat expat explains,

think of it as a 7-11 on steroids, in a tiny space and without the mystery meat hot dogs and slurpees.

Curious cat expat  is extremely informative for the expats, and travelers, but I enjoy her sense of humor as well. I perused her site a bit and was intrigues by a piece she wrote about the mystery man of Lecco. You really need to read this, I have to say this man dresses very well, nothing like I’ve seen around here, but very well indeed. Consider me intrigued as well.

Ah alas, we come to an end, but please do remember, I feature a lot of content on here, so any places that I find for you to explore through my blog, will be linked to a website with extensive knowledge of said places. As I haven’t traveled overseas, I view the world through my computer, and scour the net to find as much information as I can for my readers. I introduce you to other blogs, and websites written by people who have traveled, or even live abroad, and provide knowledge of all the places that I pick to feature each day.

There will be some I’m sure that not many people have written content for, because I choose to feature a lot of small places, some that not many people know about, or have been to, the hidden gems of the world. So for those places, I will be doing extensive research to learn all I can and report it back to you here. For those of us who travel the world through a keystroke, or a move of the mouse, we live vicariously through the beautiful pictures, and content that people provide whose life is to travel.

Ciao lovelies 

Photo credits // il



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