The Ring of Kerry

Yesterday when I finished my piece about Doonagore castle, as per normal it was shared to my Facebook page. Well, my aunt had seen it, and told me that her cousins actually live in Clare, which I thought was great, but she told me about the Ring of Kerry. I decided I wanted to know more, and do a piece on that today. So, here we are for our next place to explore.

The Ring of Kerry, is a circular tourist route that spans 179 km in County Kerry, southwestern Ireland. It travels through forest, to sea, showing you 10,000 years of history. Surrounding the Iveragh peninsula, the road leads mostly along the coast. Traveling through various majestic landscapes, such as the first to be mentioned, the coast, and beautiful mountains in Killarney. Guiding you to villages like Sneem, that have preserved, as Ireland Highlights calls it, “A certain nativeness” until the tourists have left and the village becomes alive with cheerfulness. From there, your adventure awaits, following the trail that winds through villages, and ancient stone structures, there is an abundance of beauty, and history to be seen. The Ring of Kerry provides you with a wealth of information about local attractions, places to stay and an array of places to eat. Where gives you a play by-play of the many adventures that can be had whilst traveling the Ring of Kerry. At the end of the day, this is one adventure not to miss in your lifetime.

There are various places to lodge as you travel the Ring of Kerry, but too many to list, so if you go to the ring of kerry website, it lists all the places you can stay in different villages. Below, I will list various points of interest, as there are so many villages on the route you will traveling, so listing shops and restaurants for all places would be lengthy. So make sure to visit the sites I provide to get more information on each place.

Villages to see

Maps and tours


Information for visitors

Activities to do

List of shops throughout the ring of kerry

Ciao Lovelies  

Photo credits // Go west



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