Osnabruck Germany

Osnabruck is located in western Germany, tucked between the Wiehen Hills and the northern tip of the Teutoburg Forest. It was developed as a market place by Charlemagne, king of franks in 780. It wasn’t until 1147, that Osnabruck was finally being referred to as a city, after having received merchants, and customs, and coinage privileges. This city has passed hands many times over the centuries, and became of the new states of Lower Saxony in 1948. As of 2013, Wolfgang Griesert is now the lord mayor of Osnabruck.

Believing in “The task of peace – committed to peace”, is an important part of what this city is really about. After surviving through 30 years of war, the inhabitants of this city commemorate this by having a hobby-horse parade by the local children. The city is widely known as “The city of peace”.

There are many attractions that you can see in Osnabruck, and events you can enjoy. The Felix Nussbaum Museum houses the famous artists paintings. He painted all his experiences through the wars, and the holocaust. In 1944 Nussbaum was brought to Auschwitz and murdered. The museum showcases his paintings, over 200 of them, accompanied by biographical and political documents, to help his paintings be recognized as a political legacy. Information for the museum can be found at the link I provided, and it is really a great place to start your tour of the city.

If you enjoy going to markets, your next stop should be market square. There is a market in May normally, but this year it ends on April 30, as the dates were moved. There is also the christmas market in December. Both are held by the old town hall, and more info can be found at May week festival. Look Here for information regarding other markets, and festivals.

L’Artiste is a nice little gift shop, owned by Matthias Bartels of Behren. The shop has two floors, and boasts more than just little gifts. It has toys, jewelery, a cafe and much more. The shop is located on Hook Street 23, but you can also find their contact information on their site.

If you’re looking to have traditional cuisine in Osnabruck, check out Rampendhale for rustic german food. Located at Hasestr 35, this restaurant is inexpensive, and has some great reviews on yelp found Here.

The next best place with a lot of hype surrounding it, is La Vie, Owned by Thomas Buhner, one of Germany’s top chefs, food is his forte. The restaurant has an amazing team that runs like a well oiled machine, bringing vast knowledge and experience to it. The cuisine brings flavor to life with Buhner referring to his menus as a symphony.

“Sometimes the violin can be heard, at other times it is the oboe – but strong emotions are only ever aroused when the whole orchestra comes together.”

For other shops and eateries, take a look on yelp, as they have a varied list to choose from with all contact info needed.

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Photo credits // Orange smile


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