Levoca Slovakia

Welcome to another beautiful day my lovelies, the sun is shining, the air is warm, what could better than today. My mood today is a bit overly exuberant, I think mainly from my love for life on this day.

So we begin today with another stunning country to explore. This time, we travel to Levoca Slovakia, a town in the Presov Region of eastern Slovakia. Yet another town with rich history, beginning with it being inhabited as early as stone age times. After being conquered in the 11th century, it became part of Hungary, which only lasted until 1918. The city became part of Czechoslovakia after the Treaty of Trianon in 1920. Pope John Paul ΙΙ visited Slovakia, and celebrated a mass for 650,000 people at the pilgrim site of Marianska Hora, a hill north of Levoca.

Featuring several striking building which had been town houses of local nobility, and boast a baroque architecture, and it is said, also a Gothic influence in some buildings. The town is a historic jewel among the Slovak towns, and there are so many places to visit.

First we begin with Slovakia’s attractions that you can’t miss.

St. Jacob’s church should be your first stop. The second biggest church in Slovakia with an impressive tower, built during the 14th century, it is one of the most important sacral buildings in Slovakia. The previous main altar of St. Jacob’s, was made out lime, and created by Master Pavol of Levoca. But now has a Wood altar that is the tallest of its kind in the world.


Photo credits // Trip Advisor


Right there in the town square is also the town hall, dating back to the 15th century. In 1550, the church burned down, and was enlarged in 1615, with the southern part, as well as archways on the first and second floor being added. The building is attached to a renaissance tower that was built in 1656-1661.


Photo credits // Trip Advisor

The cage of shame can be visited in front of the town hall. Once used as a punishment for minor delinquencies, it has been moved various time throughout the town. It was once owned by Probstner family and later given to the town in 1933.


Photo credits // Trip Advisor

The town theater which offers theater performances, cultural events, but also facilities for organizing congresses, seminars and various social events. The building is by the surroundings of the monuments in the west of the square.


Photo credits // Tourist Channel

Next we explore local cuisine at it’s finest.

  • We start with Planeta Levoca, a quaint restaurant that can be found at Námestie Majstra Pavla 38/A. 054 01 Levoča. I was unable to find much information on this restaurant, other than it’s website and contact information. I had a hard time translating the website, so hopefully you guys have better luck, either way, they have a phone number and email address available.
  • Next we have Hotel U Leva that features a restaurant within. Great prices, amazing food, and piano music, perfect! You can view the information on their site, as well as book a room if you choose.

Let’s take a look at some hotel option, or if you like, you can stay in an apartment, I’ll cover both.

  • First we have Guesthouse Spiz, located in the center of Levoca, in Master Pavol square. Complete with kitchen, fridge, microwave, spacious rooms, and stand up showers in the corner. Two rooms have private bath, but the other four have a shared bathroom. But the rooms are cozy, and the kitchen’s are just plain adorable. The prices vary from room, to amount of people, but start at 15 € –  20 €, depending on if you want a shared, or private bathroom.
  • Penzion Kiska has rooms a bit more luxurious complete with either room, or suite, LCD TV’s that use satellite, wi-fi, and more. Price depends on what you’re looking for, but start at 69,00 € for a 2/2 double room.


Last but not least, let’s cover the shops you’re going to want to visit. When looking for stores, I came up empty using US google, so I had to switch to using google SK. So here is a list of local stores to visit.

  • Lidl Spravna Vol’ba seems to be the one stop shop for everything, sort of like a Slovakian Wal-Mart, and they accept MasterCard apparently. Located at Popradská cesta 922/3, 054 01 Levoča.
  • Billa is a supermarket, and apparently they must sell some Jamie Oliver products, because his face is plastered on their banner, but I could also only translate half the page, so he could just endorse them. You can find this store here at Železničný riadok 31, 054 01 Levoča.

That’s just two shops they have, but for a comprehensive list, you can check here.

Well, it’s been wonderful my lovelies, providing you with yet another amazing trip abroad, but alas, I have two other blogs I have to update this morning, so until tomorrow.


Ciao Lovelies

Photo credits // Travel Slovakia




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