Giske Norway

I’ve always liked the idea of someday traveling to Norway. For mainly two reasons, the first, being that it’s the birthplace of vikings, and I’m very interested in the history surrounding them. The second being that it is such a beautiful place and one shouldn’t go without getting to experience that first hand. So that’s why today I’m featuring Giske, Norway. I picked Giske because it does have, from what I’ve learned, a rich history attached to at least one viking. Gange-Rolv, known as Rollon in france, apparently besieged Paris and called Giske home. Rollon was an ancestor of William the conqueror. For you vikings fans (the TV show), this may or may not be “Rollo” as we know him on the show, the facts do add up, I’m just not sure on that one without further research.

Giske is an island municipality in more og romsdal county, Norway, which lies north-northwest of Alesund in the district of Sunnmore. It is the site of Mjelthaugen, an ancient burial place that dates back to the stone age.

Let’s look at the local attractions

First, we have one you can’t miss, Giske church, apparently one of Norway’s most remarkable churches, the only church in Norway built of marble, in the 12th century. Originally built as a private chapel for the noble family Giske, known as Arnungane, one of Norway’s richest families. The interior was made by Tavle-Jacob in the 18th century. Apparently it also a legend of lovers surrounding it, and one of the lovers has a marble grave in front.


Photo credits // Trip Advisor

Next stop, the Godoy Coastal Museum, which displays artifacts from an archeological excavation at an ancient burial mound called Eilivsrøysa. Also they have an exhibition of World War II items on display. There’s a lot more to see, and really is a great stop along the way, especially if you’re interested in vikings, this is the place you want to go to learn all you can of their history.


Photo credits // Godoy Coastal Museum

From what I’m gathering, Giske is extremely small, or doesn’t have as many sights to see, compared to the other places I have featured thus far, but nevertheless, it is still rich in culture, and history, and worth the trip.

Places to eat

  • For a great cup of java, and a diverse menu with delectable choices of meals, you need to head over to Lyspunktet cafe at Kipervikgata 1 | 6003 Alesund.
  • With a menu that makes my mouth water, from italian cuisine, to A la carte, and traditional, Anno is another top restaurant, with raving reviews, that you will want to try before you head home.

You can find a more extensive list here, for more restaurants, bakeries, and cafes.

There are a lot more attractions, and sights to see in Alesund and the surrounding areas, more information can be found at the Lonely Planet.

Yet another beautiful place for you to visit, and immerse yourself in, Giske will definitely be on my bucket list for the future, and if you have your own bucket list, I’d suggest you put it on yours as well.


Ciao Lovelies

Photo credits // Arctic photo, featured image




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