Some of the worlds most majestic libraries

Good morning my lovelies, this morning I decided to do something a bit different. Normally I feature a place, town, village, country. But, I wanted to take today to highlight some of the worlds most beautiful libraries, because if you plan on traveling, for those bookworms out there, visiting a beautiful library is a must have. So today I will be featuring five of the … Continue reading Some of the worlds most majestic libraries

Fez Morocco

Today we journey to Fez, Morocco.  The birth place of scholars, and artisans. Referred to as dark, dilapidated and dense, Fez is also known to others, as something that may mirror Jerusalem with its high walls, and majestic appearance. one of the world’s largest urban pedestrian cities, it has been known as the “mecca of the west”, and the “Athens of Africa”. It has two … Continue reading Fez Morocco

Giske Norway

I’ve always liked the idea of someday traveling to Norway. For mainly two reasons, the first, being that it’s the birthplace of vikings, and I’m very interested in the history surrounding them. The second being that it is such a beautiful place and one shouldn’t go without getting to experience that first hand. So that’s why today I’m featuring Giske, Norway. I picked Giske because … Continue reading Giske Norway

Osnabruck Germany

Osnabruck is located in western Germany, tucked between the Wiehen Hills and the northern tip of the Teutoburg Forest. It was developed as a market place by Charlemagne, king of franks in 780. It wasn’t until 1147, that Osnabruck was finally being referred to as a city, after having received merchants, and customs, and coinage privileges. This city has passed hands many times over the … Continue reading Osnabruck Germany

Doonagore Castle

Located 1km above the village of Doolin, in County Clare Ireland, lies Doonagore castle, overlooking the Atlantic ocean. The castle is a 16th century tower house, built Dún na Gabhair meaning “The fort of the rounded hills” built with sandstone by Tadgh (Teigue) MacTurlough MacCon O’Connor in the 1500s. It has since been repaired by the Gore family in the early 19th century. When I … Continue reading Doonagore Castle

Manarola Italy.

Even though I would prefer to write pieces about places that are not well-traveled, a tourist trap if you will, I had to include this village. Known as one of the most charming and romantic of the Cinque Terre villages, these tiny multicolored houses wind up steep, narrow alleys near the shore. I have always loved the idea of this type of village with the picturesque … Continue reading Manarola Italy.